2018-07-16 // A NEW ADVENTURE!

Los Angeles – Australia – New Zealand and more.

In two weeks time I go to Los Angeles for work and in September I start working as a Guest Entertainer at Majestic Princess in Australia and New Zealand. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook for more info and updates. Also keep an eye on my blog

On the 25th of July me and the pianist Markus Jan Webber will give another concert of “To Be Told”, this time at the lovely Spieker in Eckernförde, Kiel. Warm Welcome to join us there at 20.00. 

Soon an exciting project will appear on Youtube, stay tuned! 

Hope you have a fantastic day.




2017-08-17 // VACATION❤!

The time with CATS in the US finished for now and I have a long lovely vacation.

I had an amazing year with CATS as Grizabella. It’s a beautiful show and I completely fell in love with the role. I’m spending time in Sweden with my family right now and the autumn/winter will be filled with traveling, concerts and lots of love.

Me and the pianist Markus Jan Weber will present another concert of “To be Told” at Studio E in Laeizshalle in Hamburg in December. Look out for the date, I will post more about it. Also coming is ;

CHRISTMAS DELIGHT – A concert with the Musicalstars on the 11.12.2017 at 20:00 in Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart with me (Cats, Love Never Dies), Denise Jastraunig (Mary Poppins, Tarzan), Milan van Waardenburg (The hunchback of Notre Dame,
Tanz der Vampire), Tom van der Ven ( Tanz der Vampire, Into the Woods)

Tickets available here : or by phone +49 711 225 70 70

More info will come, hope to see you around for some lovely music.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day.




2016-10-23 // GRIZABELLA!

The “install of Cats” is now running and we will be fabulous for the premiere.

We are on board on Oasis of the Seas, the largest ship in the world! It’s absolutely stunning and the Opal Theater is fantastic. It has 3 levels and takes up to 1400 seats. We started the install of Cats on stage today and it’s an amazing feeling. It’s so lovely to be able to work with all these talented people and the show will be absolutely fantastic.

The big premiere is on the 3rd of November and I can’t wait. Follow my Facebook, Instagram and Blog for pictures and info before and from the premiere.

Hope you are all good, take care and spread more love.



2016-09-12 // CATS THE MUSICAL!

I’m finally here in Miami rehearsing for another dream part. 

My last day at Coney Island in “Love Never Dies” in Hamburg, Germany was on the 31st of August. I flew directly here to Miami, Florida where I now live until middle of October. The rehearsals are going very well. It’s an honor to work with such a professional and amazing production team. And of course it could be worse then being in Miami at the same time. I can’t complain. The premiere of Cats will be on the 3rd of November at the Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean. Where I have the joy to play the part as Grizabella.

Hope you are all good.




2016-08-16 // I CAN TELL TOMORROW!

I will be leaving “Love Never Dies” already in 16 days. 

And tomorrow (wednesday) I can tell you all what my new job is! And I’m so excited to share it with you. I can barely wait. All I can say is that it’s absolutely a dream role and I’m extremely happy to get this opportunity.


21st of August 14.30

28th of August 19.00 – MY LAST SHOW AS CHRISTINE

On the 29th of August I will hold a solo concert at Studio E in Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. It will be a personal concert together with the pianist Markus Jan Weber. A way of sharing thoughts about life and also a way of saying goodbye for a while. It would mean a lot to see some familiar faces and also new faces there. More info on the link bellow;

To Be Told – A New Day





2016-07-30 // I WILL LEAVE EARLY!

I will be leaving “Love Never Dies” and Coney Island already on the 1st of September. 

Every journey comes to an end – and I will leave “Love Never Dies” at Coney Island a bit earlier. My last day will be on the 31st of August and my new adventure starts on the 1st of September. I can’t announce yet what that will be. But of course I keep you updated. It will be sad to leave, cause Coney Island is full of people that I really like. But I’m sure we will meet again! And the same goes out to all amazing supportive people out there❤

If you want to see me as Christine before I leave you have the following dates as your last chance;

13th of August 15.00

21st of August 14.30

28th of August 19.00 – MY LAST SHOW AS CHRISTINE

On the 29th of August I will hold a solo concert at Studio E in Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. It will be a personal concert together with the pianist Markus Jan Weber. A way of sharing thoughts about life and also a way of saying goodbye for a while. It would mean a lot to see some familiar faces and also new faces there. More info on the link bellow;

To Be Told – A New Day

One day at a time, this is enough. Don’t look back and grieve over the past for it is gone. Do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.




2016-07-19 // MY NEXT SOLO CONCERT!

Welcome to Hamburg on the 29th of August. 

Me and Markus Jan Weber met the first time in 2012. I started at Aida Cruises as a Lead Soloist and Markus was my Musical Director. Markus is a good friend today, and it’s few musicians that I really enjoy creating music with as with Markus. He is a fantastic musician. And it’s always very inspiring to work with him. Have a look at his Soundcloud for some great examples Markus Jan Weber – Soundcloud.

We had two very successful concerts of “To be Told” at Spieker in Eckernförde outside of Kiel during the past 2 years. In the beginning of this year we had our very first concert of “To be Told” in Hamburg at Studio E at Laeiszhalle. After a very busy working schedule for both of us we are now really happy to again present a new version of “To be Told – A new day” in Studio E in Hamburg.

We will offer some new songs, new thoughts, new inspiration, new tunes, new adventures mixed with the original material from “To be Told”. It will be an evening with thoughts about life, how you think you know where you’re heading, about loneliness, friends, languages, having faith, relationships, love, singing advice, loosing yourself, new journeys… new beginnings and much more.


I hope to see many familiar faces there, friends and family. But also new faces, anyone who wants to enjoy an evening filled with passion for music.

.usually all great things grow out of unpromising beginnings//markus jan weber.




2016-07-06 // NEWS COMING SOON!

Some fantastic news about my future will come soon. 

You never know what life will bring. One thing is for sure – nothing comes for free. I will share some fantastic news soon with you. I got a new job after “Love Never Dies” and I can’t wait to share it with you. Hopefully I can also share info about my solo concert that I hope I will have time to do here in Hamburg before the “big chance” will happen. The Solo Concert is called “To Be Told” and it’s togheter with the fantastic pianist and my dear friend Markus Jan Weber. If everything goes as planned it will take place in Studio E in the Laeiszhalle here in Hamburg.

Please follow my new blob as well .a new day with heidi.

And stay tuned – NEWS COMING SOON!

Take care and spread love.




2016-06-03 // MY FIRST BLOG!

I finally have a BLOG. 

It’s on my bucket list, I spoke about it for years and I researched for enough info to get it started – and now I finally got my thumb out of my ass to do it, as we say in Swedish! The past 4 years I haven’t seen my family and friends so much, or I have been traveling so that’s the actual reason. A blog is a good place to tell my story, talk about my experiences, show my thoughts.

So please follow me on my blog .a new day with heidi.


Take care and spread love.




2016-04-29 // Back from my vacation!

Hamburg – Dublin – NY – Dublin – Hamburg – Gothenburg – Stockholm – Paris – Copenhagen – Gothenburg – London – Gothenburg – Hamburg.

My vacation turned into a traveling record. I had 12 take-offs during my 2 weeks vacation. I had a great time and I’ve seen amazing places, met amazing people, got great inspiration and worked a bit. It was fantastic to meet my family, although it’s always to short and especially this time. Of course I have to come back and spend more time with my family and friends in Sweden this summer.

Today I came back to Coney Island at Operettenhaus here in Hamburg. It’s lovely to be back among my lovely colleagues. And I started with a Cover in House show. Tomorrow I will be on as Ensemble and on Tuesday the 3rd of May at 18.30 I play Christine Daeé.

I hope to see you there. For questions don’t hesitate to ask. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more info and lovely pictures from our show.




2016-02-23 // Alternating Christine Daeé!

Playing a lot of Christine.

Right now I am alternating the role as Christine Daeé in “Liebe Stirbt Nie” at the Operettenhaus in Hamburg. You can see me play 2 of 8 shows a week, check my schedule for dates and times. I hope to see a lot of you lovely people there. At the same time I’m a cross-swing in the ensemble and you can see me do all the female ensemble parts on the days when I’m not playing Christine. It’s a very versatile job and I’m having a lot of fun.

Last week we had a photoshoot and I had a lot of pictures taken of me as Christine and I can’t wait to see them. And soon after that my Autogramcards will arrive. I will let you know when they are available.

For questions don’t hesitate to ask. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more info and lovely pictures from our show.




2016-01-21 // Liebe Stirbt Nie!

At Operettenhaus in Hamburg.

At the moment I’m playing Christine Daeé a lot. This week already tuesday, wednesday and now thursday, friday and sunday matinee. You are all warm welcome to see the show. I’m having a lot of fun doing the show and the audience is always giving a lot of energy and it’s amazing that we have standing ovations every night! Since I got many requests I will let you know as soon as possible about autogram cards from the show.

Very proud to be a part of this lovely production.

Hope to see you there.



2015-12-24 // “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!

I want to wish you all a *Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year*.

2016 will be an amazing year – I can feel it!

Thank you all for your support and see you soon <3



2015-12-22 // “TO BE TOLD”!

The concert “To be Told” is coming to Hamburg. 

After two successful performances at Spieker in Eckernförde Kiel, me and the pianist Markus Jan Weber takes “To be Told” to Hamburg. Start the New Year with some live music. On the 4th of January at 19.30 we’ll take you on a small journey about traveling, working and much more. It takes place in  the beautiful “Studio E” in the Laeiszhalle in Dammtorwall, central Hamburg. The seats are limited so book your tickets right now at Ticketing .

It would be lovely to see you all there.

I will post my dates for Christine Daaé in “Liebe Stirbt Nie”, in January 2016 asap.

Have an absolutely lovely Christmas and a good start in 2016 !!

With Lots of Love / Heidi




Next show as Christine Daaé in “Love never Dies” is coming soon. 

Next Sunday matinée, the 15th of November you can see “Liebe Stirbt Nie” at the Operettenhaus with two Swedish musical artists in the leads.I will be playing Christine Daaé and Matthias Edenborg the Phantom. Matthias played the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Neue Flora Theater here in Hamburg for two years. Now we work together in the continuing story of Phantom and Christine. If you want to see some Swedish power on stage next sunday – book your ticket now! At Stage Entertainment TICKETS “LIEBE STIRBT NIE”.

Have an amazing autumn day!

With lots of Love /Heidi



Tonight I played my 2:nd show as Christine Daaé in “Love never Dies”. 

After a fast and quite unprepared premier as Christine yesterday night, I now already played my second show as Christine. It’s a fantastic role and I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful production. And to play one of my absolute dream roles. I couldn’t be more grateful. It is defiantly an experience to be thrown into something that is this big. 1300 people in the audience is definatly expecting something from Christine Daaé, who has been an opera star for 10 years. To get standing ovations is enough to know that you did a good job. A big thank you to everyone that supports me.

I will probably play on sunday again.

Lots of Love /Heidi



Tonight I had my big premier as Christine Daaé in “Love never Dies”. 

I started rehearsing for the part two days ago. And today I got the question if I could play tonights show! It definitely came as a surprise, but luckily I was very well prepared and that was also the reason why it was possible to throw me in so fast. My actual premier was planned in 3 weeks, and now it’s done. And it went better than anyone ever could imagine. I’m very thankful for all the support from my colleagues. It was a fantastic night that I never will forget.

The feeling of not being a 100% sure about everything, just being in the moment. Singing this beautiful music with the orchestra for the very first time, feeling the energy from the audience, exploring the character more and more for each note and just loving every moment.

My musical debut in Germany.

More info will come.

With Love/ Heidi



Tonight is the big premier with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

The day is finally here, it’s crazy how fast time goes by. Tonight at 18.00 the red carpet will be out and 19.30 the show starts. It’s so exciting to be  a part of this. I can’t explain how happy I am. And I can’t wait for my own premier as Christine.

Can’t describe it better than – EXCITING.

We will have a sparkling fantastic evening.

With Love/ Heidi


2015-10-08 // First preview with Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Yesterday we had our first preview with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

After a long rehearsal period we’re now very close to the premier. Yesterday we had our first preview at the Operettenhaus with Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber in the house. He is staying a few days to make sure that the show is in a prefect state for the premier. The preview went great and I’m so proud of my colleagues. Its definitely a beautiful show that you can’t miss. I can’t wait to start playing myself.

I will of course announce as soon as I know what dates I’m playing Christine or any of the other parts.

Take care and enjoy your day.

With Love/ Heidi



2015-09-14 // Working with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber came to town. 

Last week I had the huge honor to work with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. It was a real pleasure to meet him in person and take part of his words. Andrew wrote a new number to our production of “Love never Dies” in Hamburg. He also made some changes in one of the already exciting numbers. And this is what we mainly worked with. He was a very nice man and I’m very proud to say that he was absolutely happy with our team. And that he was grateful towards us for the work we are doing. He will come back and work more with us closer to the premier.

The big premier is getting closer – on the 15th of October. And it’s so exciting.

Right now the rehearsals are running and I’m studying the part of Christine Daaé, all the music, the choreographies, german phonetics and vocal interpretation. I couldn’t be more happy.

Take care and enjoy your day.

With Love/ Heidi



2015-08-23 // “TO BE TOLD”!

At Spieker in Eckernförde, Kiel. 

Yesterday me and the pianist Markus Jan Weber had our concert “To be Told” at Spieker in Eckernförde outside of Kiel. A concert about traveling and working, a journey from Sweden to the states and back. A concert about having a clear “star-goal” in life and the way how to reach it. It was a big big pleasure to finally perform our material togheter on stage. We are both very happy with the result.

We are also very glad for the knew connection to Thomas & Claudia who are the owners of the Spieker. We defiantly will make a reprise if this.

We are extremely happy for all the enthusiastic people that came yesterday. What a lovely audience. Intelligent and very giving. It was defiantly “Magic” to exchange energy and feelings with that audience. Thank you. I also felt very honord that Rolf Zacher came all the way from Berlin to watch me.

And next time we’ll see each other in Hamburg at the Operettenhaus. I will announce my dates of playing Christine Daaé here on my website, but you can also follow me on my Facebook-Fanpage where I also will post pictures and info from the rehearsal period and defiantly all the important information you need when you want to come and watch me play.

“Witches can be right, giants can be good, you decide whats right, you decide whats good … just remember … you are not alone” /Stephen Sondheim

Big Love to the people in Eckernförde & Markus Jan Weber (always a pleasure).

With Love/ Heidi



2015-08-12 // MY TIME HAS COME!

A dream is coming true. 

I can finally tell you that I will be playing in Andrew Lloyd Webers Phantom II,         “Love never Dies” in Hamburg at the Operettenhaus covering the main character Christine Daaé.

Hard work really pays off, and this time everything worked out. I can’t explain how incredible it feels. I’m so extremely happy. And humbly thankful for all the suport from my lovely family and friends.

In the end of October you’re all welcome to the Hamburg Operettenhaus for the big premier. I will keep you updated 🙂

To follow me more frequently you can “like” my  Facebook page or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

I hope to see many of you in the Theater, Can’t wait to start.

Embrace your dreams and never let anyone stop you.

With Love / Heidi



2015-07-18 // Big surprise to come!

Big big big big surprise to come. 

I’m spending my summer back home in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s amazing to be here. Although the weather isn’t the best. Very soon I will announce a very big thing. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to share it.

Sometimes life takes a new direction. And it’s the beginning of something fantastic. So stay updated and enjoy the day 🙂

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2015-03-22 // Spring in Hamburg!

Exciting plans. 

I recently came back to Hamburg to start my rehearsal for Aida Luna. It will be another fantastic adventure that I of course look forward to. I’m up to some quite exciting things right now, and you will hear all about it when it’s time. Hopefully there will be a lovely concert with me and the pianist Markus Jan Weber in April/May this year here in Hamburg. Thats what we’re planning. And if everything goes well “time wise”, since we’re both hard working people, I will invite everyone I know and also everyone that loves music! It will be a wide mix of styles and sounds. Something … to be told …

I will keep you updated.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2014-12-28 // Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Sweden. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and I hope you’re still enjoying the holidays. I had a wonderful time in Sweden with family and friends. Before Christmas I recorded some songs with an amazing musician, Markus Jan Weber in Hamburg. Some new arrangements of some english and Swedish songs. If you’re interested please have a look at My Soundcloud .

Songs from the Swedish hit musical written by Björn and Benny – “Kristina från Duvemåla”. From the Swedish movie “Så som i himmelen” and two of my favorite songs by Scott Alan. Scott Alan is an amazing composer and many of Broadway’s elite have sung Scott Alan’s songs, including Liz Callaway, Jonathan Groff, Shoshana Bean, Adriane Lenox, Eden Espinosa and more.

Please enjoy our recordings – more will come.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2014-12-12 // Back in Hamburg!

Living in Hamburg again. 

I was onboard on Aida Blu for 2,5 months and after a great vacation in Sweden I’m back in Hamburg since one month. I take dance classes at “Tybas Dance Center in the city, I’m working out with the program – Insanity Workout and of course I take vocal classes for the great Stephanie Tschöppe at the Neue Flora Theater. Besides from that I meet a lot of friends, travel, do photoshoots, visiting vernissages and living life.

Time if running fast and in one week I go home to Sweden for Christmas, can’t wait to see my family again. I will be back in Hamburg for the fabulous New Year.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2014-09-11 // Onboard!

Onboard at Aida Blu in the middle mediterranean

For 2,5 month I’m onboard on Aida Blu, visiting places like Palma, Barcelona, Tunisia, Rome, Sorrento, Sardinia, Pisa and beautiful Corsica France. It’s a very nice route and I have the pleasure to work with very nice colleagues.

We are playing more than 10 different shows, my absolute favorite is of course my own show “Wie man win Sänger wird”. I’m the character Josefine and she is teaching the audience how to become singers. Josefine is a mix between Glinda from Wicked and Ellie Woods from Legally Blond.  It’s an amazing opportunity to create your own show from scratch and then to have the technical possibilities with movable LED walls, videos and amazing stage and light. And not to forget the wonderful costume departement that help you to create your perfect look. So of course it’s the show that is dearest to me.

From the other shows I really enjoy making the Tina Turner show “Rock me Baby”, the Jackson Five show “Can you feel it” and the Phil Collins show “In the air tonight”.

Time went by so fast and we only have less then a month left. On the 6th of October I will go home to Sweden for a month of vacation and then back to Hamburg. Now I will enjoy everyday we have left.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2014-07-07 // Wedding in Cologne!

I went to Cologne for a very special wedding. 

Two years ago they saw me at my very first contract on Aida, and this weekend I had the honor to sing at Rene and Mellies wedding. It was a fantastic weekend and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. At the ceremony I sang one of my favorite songs “Always” by Scott Alan. A song that now became very special for the wedding couple since it has a beautiful text, and no wonder, Scott Alan wrote it.

The party was on the 4 star hotel “Ling Bao” in Phantasialand. Phantasialand is a theme park in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany that attracts approximately 1,75 million visitors annually. The hotel Ling Bao is the biggest Asian hotel in the world outside of Asia. I can highly recommend everyone to go there.

There was an buffe which offered a huge choice of culinary delights. In the evening I sang some rock and disco songs followed by some Abba (of course). The day after we went to the theme park and tried some of their biggest attractions, among them the “Black Mamba”, an inverted rollercoaster with terrifying twists, spectacular screws and loop-the-loops. Over all awesome. We also tried the brand new attraction “Chiapas” – DIE Wasserbahn! The world’s most advanced log flume ride.

I had a lot of fun and I want to thank Rene and Mellie for a great weekend. We’ll see each other again on another destination.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson



2014-06-23 // Back in Hamburg!

Finally back in the city. 

I had a wonderful contract on Aida Luna in the Caribbean!                                                                                                                                                I could never imagine how amazing it would be, it’s definitely like paradise in many of these countries. My favorites were Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, The Bristish Virgin Islands and Antigua. And I had the pleasure to work with talented and lovely people.

I just came back to Hamburg after 3 weeks vacation in Sweden. Short but wonderful.

I’m now rehearsing for Aida Blu and I will go onboard on the 18th of July. We will go to destinations in Spain, Italy, Korsika and Tunisia. I will come back home in October. I’m looking forward to this contract with some old and new colleges.

Take care and enjoy the day.

With Love / Heidi Karlsson



2013-12-23 // Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vacation in Sweden. 

I’m back in Sweden to celebrate christmas and new year with my family and friends. It feels really good to have some vacation from the rehearsals at Aida. The darkness and the cold is here and that´s the time to light some candles and spend time with the people we love. I can comfort myself that I will be in the Caribbean in February, where its definitely warmer and sunnier than hear.

I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an awesome start at the new year. I have a feeling that it will be an interesting year with new lessons and experiences.

Take care and enjoy the holidays.

With Love / Heidi Karlsson



2013-10-03 // Living in Hamburg!

I’m finally here.

I’m officially a “Hamburger” now. Since sunday evening I’ve been living in Hamburg, Germany. In December I will start rehearsing for Aida Luna and until then I will work here in Hamburg, learn the language better, sing, dance, do auditions, take acrobatic classes and of course spend time with my lovely friends. I’m expecting a lot of Swedish visitors and I really look forward to show them my new hometown. I have vacation over Christmas and New Year and then I will come home to Sweden for celebration. And in February I will go to the Caribbean, can’t complain about that.

Have a look at my Facebook Site – Heidi Karlsson, new pictures will come from a Photoshoot in Gothenburg, soon!

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2013-09-01 // Croatia and Budapest!

Visiting friends.

Right now I’m visiting two friends in Budapest, Hungary. From Budapest we had a road trip to Croatia where my friends have their boat. We came back yesterday after four lovely days on the sea. Budapest is a beautiful and impressive city, I will definitely come back here. Something you have to see is the city from “Citadella” in nightime. You can follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing some pictures.


At the same time I’m planning my future with a new adventure and a move to Hamburg in Oktober.

Germany get ready, I’m coming closer.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson

2013-08-07 // Showreel!

 Brand new Showreel.

It always takes more time than you imagine – but now it’s finally done.

It contains material from AIDAdiva and AIDAbella during 2012/2013. With songs like “The girl in 14th G” (made famous by Christin Chenoweth), “Don’t rain on my Parade” and “Maybe this time” in the Glee version, “I wanna be loved by you” (Marilyn Monroe) and a Rock part with “I would do anything for love” from Meatloaf. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Showreel – Heidi Karlsson 2012/2013

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2013-03-23 // Vacation!

After almost one year of constant work it’s time for vacation.

I did AIDAsol, AIDAbella and AIDAdiva in a row directly after my three year education. It’s been an amazing time with a lot of fun.  I’ve seen half of the world, I met a lot of nice people and I got some lovely friends.

But mostly, I have developed as an artist and human being.

Of course I have longed home sometimes and now I’m back home in Sweden for vacation. Now I have to get use to not putting on a lot of makeup , lovely sparkling costumes and perform every night. Instead I will be with my family and friends, travel around a bit and do some auditions and get some new power back to go on with another adventure.

If you’re interested in my job at AIDA have a look at my Facebook site.

You can also have a look at this clip from Youtube, it’s a bit of the song “The girl in 14 G” from my Solo Show “Smile” From Heidi Karlssons Solo Show

A Showreel will come soon.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson


2013-02-12 // Welcome to my website!

I’m happy to have finally joined the cyberworld!

I want to thank my webdesigner Andreas Unterhuber for an amazing work with my website, Karim Khawatmi for wonderful photos and Dave Mandell for great recordings.

You’re welcome to have a look at my pictures, listen to some recordings and read more about me.

You can also have  a look at my Facebook site where you can follow me in my work as a singer all around the world.

Next destination is Asia (Feb-May 2013).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care and enjoy your day!

With Love / Heidi Karlsson